A Nigerian lady has shared her experience with an immigration official who was allegedly processing passports without wearing face mask and gloves.  The lady who disclosed that she lost a friend to Coronavirus, alleged that her passport was seized after she started raising her voice.  @Temitope_Olagbegi added that when she demanded to see the highest authority, she was told to delete the photos and videos she took.  She wrote;  It was a heart breaking experience for me coming into the country to see the Nigerian Immigration not wearing masks.I lost it!How can you be handling multiple passports without gloves or masks.These guys, speak to people and droplets can get unto passports.Is this not how the virus is transmitted?I said to them in a friendly manner at first to wear their masks and the complete disregard infuriated me.I begun to scream.I couldn’t take it.Are they ignorant?If they are ignorant, I dare say, they should not be there as, govt representatives.I lost a dear friend to COVID less than a month ago.Why is this not being taking seriously?The front line into the country!! It made no sense to me.And when I started to raise my voice, my passport was seized.The official told me to make sure I go to Lagos Island to shout at them to wear their masks.Unbelievable!!Did they think seizing my passport would scare me?No way.I demanded to see the highest authority.And what was I told? To please delete the pictures and videos I took.Heartbreaking!! The post COVID-19: Nigerian lady shares experience with immigration official allegedly processing passports without face mask and gloves appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.