In the corporate world, where people from different backgrounds and different settings are required to work together, they must form a good bond with each other.
This bond will help them to have better communication and, thus, perform better in their jobs. To achieve this objective and to break the ice, there are various activities and clever online team building games, which can help the teams in the long run.
A list of team-building games that the staff can play in the office is given below:-
1. Scavenger hunt
 A team building game, which is thrilling, exciting, and one of the best in bringing the whole office together. Divide your team into two or more equal sized groups.
Make a list of items, which are to be found by the groups, and hide these items somewhere in the office building, or maybe outside if you want. Next, you have to create riddles, clues, twists, etc., which will help the groups to lead their way to the listed items.
Here, the task of the groups is to get back first with the most items. For this game, there can also be a set time limit so that the groups are back in time and not much time is wasted.
This game can also be played online, where the groups can find specific information online. This game is the best to build teamwork and creativity among teams.
2. Finding a solution together
 Create a fictional problem, and to find the solution everyone has to give a solution. This problem can be of any kind, like, riddle, product challenges, brainteasers, etc.
Now, make your team sit in a circle and make them write an idea on a sheet, which is then passed clockwise in the group. All the team members have to write new solutions for the same problem and continue this for several rounds.
After some time, read the results and see if you can find the solution. The activity makes everyone in the group to be heard and even gives chance to people who don’t interact much but might have some mind-blowing solutions.

3. Three Truths and a Lie
 This game can be played with more than three participants. Now, each participant is required to come forward and state four facts about themselves, three of which should be truths, and one should be a lie.
The lie must be believable, and the facts must not be invasive or rough. After the participant has stated the facts about themselves, the team should discuss which according to them are the truths and which are the lies. After all the guessing, the candidate reveals the right answer at the end.
This game will help the team know each other. It challenges set judgments and aids people to open up.
 4. Birthday Line Up
A fun activity, this game is an icebreaker among the team and can be played with a huge number of people in the group.
It requires the participants to form a line in order of their birthdays, the catch, however, is that the participants cannot talk.
Instead, they have to use sign language or other techniques to find each other’s birthdays.
This game helps the team in enhancing communications and working on problem-solving skills.

 5. Show And Tell

 Show And Tell does not need to be a game that only young children play. No matter what your age, there are things that people want to share with others but are not always too comfortable to share.
For this game, a day should be set aside in advance on which the participants should bring things that they want to show to other group members.
This could be a new project on which they are working or a new fancy item that they have bought. This activity allows each participant to come in front and share their thoughts with other group members.
The game gives confidence to people to present themselves, which can be helpful in presentations.
 6. Let Us Guess
 This game is very much like the popular game of dumb charades. The group is divided into teams having 4-5 participants.
Now, one person from one team is called and taken somewhere away from the sight of others and shown an object.
Now, this person has to use sign language and other tricks to make his/her team guess the name of the object.
All the teams have to guess the objects, and points will be awarded based on the number of correct answers. The team getting the most number of correct answers would be the winner.
 These games, along with various other online games, can help in team building
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