What Does The Bible Mean By The Gates Of Hell?

Matthew 16: 18
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
In ancient times, most cities and palaces had two gates, the outer gate that acts as a fortification forte and the inner one.
In between the two gates is a passageway where decisions are been made. It served as the court, elites sit there to discuss and share ideas.
It was where contracts and transactions were made. In recent times, the gates can be likened to the House of Assembly. In summary the gates are where powers and authorities of a city gather to make decisions.
Let us take a look at other places where gates were mentioned in the bible.
1. Daniel was made Prime minister so he sat in the gates of the King ( Dan 2:49).
2. Absalom judged affairs by the gates ( 2 Sam 15:2).
3. Boaz sealed the deal in front of witnesses to marry Ruth in the gates ( Ruth 4:11).
4. Brideprice was paid at the gates (Deut 22:15)
5. Lot met the Angels while sitting in the gates ( Gen 19:1).
6. Mordecai sat at the King’s gate , implying he was of high status hence incurring the wrath of his enemies (Esther 2:21, 5:9).
7. Just judgement are done in the gates ( Amos 5:15)
Note also that the noun used here is plural “gates” not a “gate” of hell. Also the verb used “prevail” means to dominate, gain influence over. A physical gate cannot prevail over its enemies.
Prevailing is as a result of offensive attack. The work of physical gates rather is defense.
Hence what the passage means is, the actions and plans of authorities, powers, spiritual rulers of darkness can never prevail against the Church no matter how hard they come.
They can use persecutions, trials, wars, genocide but God will ensure that his Children are never wiped away from the face of the earth till the rapture.
Also, whenever the gates of hell at your workplace, city begin to persecute the Church(body of true Christians) and they call upon the Lord their God in heaven, He will stretch his mighty hand and in accordance to his Word, upturn the situation to favour his Children.
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